Stainless Steel Cutting and Grinding

Bonded Cutting and Grinding discs.

Abraflex stock a wide range of abrasive cutting and grinding discs, at the forefront of this is our Abrabeta cutting and grinding discs.

Large selections of disc options are available from our stocks, custom made discs and own brand labelling is also available.

For use on Metal, Stone, Stainless Steel, Iron and Aluminium. Dimensions available between 75mm and 400mm in diameter and 1mm and 6.5mm thickness.

Coated Products

Abraflex stock a wide range of sanding products with a variety of backings and grits, such as belts, rolls, flap discs, sheets and edging discs. Custom sized belts and sheets are also available on a made to order basis.  We are distributors for SIA and Klingspor abrasives.

Diamond Products

Abraflex stock a wide range of diamond cutting blades for a variety of applications.

We also supply a range of diamond related products, such as diamond cores, tile cutters, mortar raking blades and accessories.

Semi Flexible discs

We stock a range of semi flexible silicon carbide discs which are used for stock removal from masonry and other surfaces.

Semi flexible discs are available in 115mm, 180mm and 230mm and the 24, 36 and 60 grit ranges.