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Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)

Abrasive Wheels are used in many areas and can be highly dangerous if used by untrained personnel. The law requires that anyone involved in mounting, dressing or setting abrasive wheels is trained and certificated.

The aims of the training is to provide delegates with the knowledge needed to safely mount, dress, set and use abrasive wheels in compliance with current legislation.

This course covers

The requirements of the regulations.

Approved advisory literature relating to the mounting of abrasive wheels.

Hazards arising from the use of abrasive wheels and precautions which should be observed.

Identifying the markings on abrasive wheels as to type and speed. storing, handling and transporting abrasive wheels.

Inspecting and testing abrasive wheels.

The functions of all components used with abrasive wheels, including flanges, washers, bushes and nuts used in mounting and including knowledge of the correct incorrect methods of assembling all components and correct balancing of abrasive wheels.

Dressing an abrasive wheel.

Adjusting and abrasive wheel.

Course duration is 3-4 hours.

Company certificate of attendance.